Digitising bulk waste collections

This project, led by North Tyneside Council, will conduct an investigation into the use of machine learning to assess the variables of bulk waste collection. The objective is to develop […]

Better value technology for housing services

This discovery project, led by Hackney London Borough Council, will explore how current housing technology products and procurement processes are stifling innovation and reducing flexibility to policy changes, ultimately preventing […]

User journeys into adult social care (ASC)

Councils are facing a huge demand for adult care services (ASC) due to an ageing population and changes to the Care Act.  Led by the London Borough of Redbridge, this […]

Improving social care hospital discharges

Stockport’s Intermediate Care system identified a number of challenges in delivering its Discharge to Assess model, as their integrated partnership causes issues with the sharing and availability of quality data.  […]

Improving Local Authority Building Control Services

This project will look into developing and streamlining specialised building control software, so that a quicker, more cost-efficient service can be delivered to householders, tradespeople and developers.  Led by the […]

Digital smart flood warning system

Surface water flooding is a growing problem across West Yorkshire, disrupting residents and businesses, causing damage, costs and safety risks. The current flood response is reactive rather than proactive and […]

Investigating a digital support hub for carers

Estimates suggest that approximately 6% of the population are unpaid carers, equating to around 110,000 people across South East London. Unpaid carers describe the profession as “being plunged into a […]

‘Tell us once’ move in process

This discovery project explored the best way of allowing people moving into a council’s jurisdiction to contact the council just once to set up all their services – including council […]

The Tell Us Once project team at work

Reducing care calls to improve customer satisfaction

This discovery aimed to investigate how new technologies like Amazon’s Alexa and chatbots have the potential to reduce the need for expensive face-to-face visits. The hypothesis for this project was […]

The Care Calls project team at work

Open Community (Discovery)

This discovery hoped to understand what a ‘directory as a service’ could and should look like in 2019, using innovative approaches to data contribution, curation and consumption. Every local authority, […]

open referral uk logo

GOV.UK Pay as a viable alternative e-payment provider

This discovery aimed to explore how local authorities can make integration with GOV.UK Pay easier and reusable for everyone in local government. The GOV.UK Pay contract model is financially beneficial for local authorities however, […]

Quality Data for Children in Care (Discovery)

This discovery focused on developing a standardised reporting approach for statutory returns, developing a deep understanding of the users’ needs from this process. Every day, Children’s Services Departments (CSDs) make […]