Reducing care calls to improve customer satisfaction

This discovery aimed to investigate how new technologies like Amazon’s Alexa and chatbots have the potential to reduce the need for expensive face-to-face visits. The hypothesis for this project was […]

The Care Calls project team at work

‘Tell us once’ move in process

This discovery project explored the best way of allowing people moving into a council’s jurisdiction to contact the council just once to set up all their services – including council […]

The Tell Us Once project team at work

GOV.UK Pay as a viable alternative e-payment provider

This discovery aimed to explore how local authorities can make integration with GOV.UK Pay easier and reusable for everyone in local government. The GOV.UK Pay contract model is financially beneficial for local authorities however, […]

Cross-local government user research

This discovery explores user research in local government and whether its results can be used by other councils. User research is an important piece of work to inform decision making […]

The cross local government user research team