Sharing data to safeguard missing vulnerable adults


  1. Project timeline

Vulnerable people with care and support needs are at a significant risk of abuse, harm and exploitation when they go missing in Greater Manchester. A timely response in locating these individuals is essential to achieving greater outcomes for the person.

This project will develop processes and patterns for the capturing and sharing of data to alert local authorities and care professionals when vulnerable adults go missing. This will also provide analysis on the reasons why people go missing, enabling more timely interventions.

Project timeline

March 2023

The project is awarded £100,000 in funding through Round 6 of the Local Digital Fund to begin a discovery phase

April 2023

The project team have arranged a project kick-off meeting with their stakeholders to discuss timelines and resources, outputs, governance and stakeholder mapping.

They are looking to use the Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework and have held an initial discussion with their procurement team to review in more detail.

May 2023

The team held a kick off meeting with stakeholders, followed by a mapping session to establish the full scope of stakeholders and their level of involvement in the project.

They’ve also been working on drafting the procurement framework for suppliers, which they plan to submit next sprint, and attending internal procurement meetings.