About us

We are the Local Digital Collaboration Unit at the UK Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC). Our mission is to support a national ‘Local Digital’ movement that brings together everyone required to make excellent local public services for users and taxpayers.

About the Local Digital movement

The Local Digital movement is a growing community of local authorities and public sector organisations, which has been strengthening for several years and is united by a common aspiration to build local services fit for the internet age.

This aspiration is detailed in the Local Digital Declaration, which was co-authored in 2018 by 45 organisations including DLUHC, Government Digital Service (GDS), many local public sector bodies and over 20 local authorities. It calls on the sector to take collaborative actions to improve local services for users, support more diversity and competition in the public sector IT market, and offer better value for money by building reusable patterns and standards.

The Declaration has already been endorsed by over a third of English principal local authorities, and each signatory has committed a first action in support of the movement. Find out how to sign the Declaration and join the movement .

About the Local Digital Collaboration Unit

The Local Digital Collaboration Unit is a dedicated team at DLUHC, set up in 2018 to support the Local Digital movement. It has 3 main goals.

  1. Build capacity: help all relevant organisations understand why and how to implement the Local Digital Declaration through our roadshows, newsletter, website, and digital skills training
  2. Deliver reusable tools: learn how to build reusable design patterns, guides and standards that help local authorities and their partners disrupt and open up the technology market, deliver more joined-up, user-centred services, and avoid duplicated efforts
  3. Support a wiki-style community: help local authorities and their partners to collaborate without the need for central coordination