About the Council Spotlight

We want to shine a spotlight on stories of local government digital transformation and digital best practice.

The Council Spotlight blog post series provides councils with an opportunity to showcase their digital achievements and contributions to the Local Digital community.

On this page you can find out how your organisation can take part in a future issue.

Why take part?

If your council has completed a project or programme of work that you think will interest and inspire other councils, then Council Spotlight provides a platform for you to share it with the community.

The Local Digital team will work with you to help tell your story—whether it’s through a blog post, case study, video testimonial or audio recording—and publish it on our Medium publication.

We would love to hear how the Local Digital Declaration has impacted your work, such as how you have been inspired by the principles of the Declaration or how your council has met its Declaration commitments.

Get inspiration from past issues

So far, we have heard inspiring the stories of:

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Who can take part?

The Council Spotlight is open to Local Digital Declaration signatories. Not a signatory? Find out what the Declaration is and how to sign.

Ideally, you should be at a stage where you can demonstrate clear outcomes and benefits, such as how your work will improve the lives of citizens and/or solve a shared local public service problem.

Before you apply, please note that:

  • while the Local Digital team will support you to create your Council Spotlight, input is required from your team to draft and review content
  • we are looking for original content, rather than content that has already been published elsewhere—if you have already published a great story that you would like us to help you promote, please email it to campaigns@localdigital.gov.uk

Apply to the Council Spotlight

If you’re ready to celebrate your digital achievements, complete the application form to take part in a future Council Spotlight.

We will use the information you provide to decide if your story is suitable for the Council Spotlight. Once we have reviewed your application, we will contact you by email to give feedback and outline the next steps.

There are only six questions and the form should take no more than 15 minutes to fill out.

You can also email campaigns@localdigital.gov.uk if you have any questions or would like to discuss an idea with us.

Apply to take part in Council Spotlight