Improving Local Authority Building Control Services


  1. Project timeline

This project will look into developing and streamlining specialised building control software, so that a quicker, more cost-efficient service can be delivered to householders, tradespeople and developers. 

Led by the London Borough of Lambeth, this project will aim to produce an options report. This will inform the next step – whether it’s developing front-end improvements for customer experience, a back-office system, or a third option to comprehensively cover both customer and officer needs.

Project timeline

March 2023

The project is awarded £100,000 in funding through Round 6 of the Local Digital Fund to begin a discovery phase.

April 2023

To begin their project, the team attended Local Digital’s Round 6 welcome event where they:

  • drafted an agile road plan
  • agreed on project roles
  • set up and offered agile training to all key people involved

They’ve also drafted their initial user research procurement requirements. They’re likely to be using Sparks as a framework as the digital marketplace is not currently accepting new applications but this is to be confirmed.

For enquiries, they’ve set up a bespoke digital email address: