About the Continuous Funding Model (CFM)

The Continuous Funding Model is a more flexible way to fund digital projects through the Local Digital Fund.

The CFM is designed to help funded project teams to maintain momentum and continuity. Instead of waiting for further funding rounds to open, projects can apply for funding for their next stage of work shortly after completing the previous phase.

Find out how we developed the CFM in this blog post.

How it works

  1. When a funded project reaches the end of a phase of work and is ready to progress, they will be invited to prepare a proposal for further funding.
  2. The panel will hold an interview with the project to discuss their plans.
  3. If the panel is happy with the proposal and interview, a decision is made on how much funding to award.

Read the CFM Prospectus to find out more.

Who can apply

Applications for continuous funding are only available to projects that have previously received funding from the Local Digital Fund.

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Projects that have received CFM funding

Ask us a question about the CFM

If you have a question about the CFM, or would like to share your feedback, email fund@localdigital.gov.uk. We are also interested to hear thoughts and suggestions from other teams who have come up with new funding and governance models to support public sector innovation.