Revs and Bens

This project, led by Teignbridge District Council, will begin a 12-week alpha in February 2022.

Revenue and Benefits systems are one of the key digital systems for all local authorities; processing payments to local businesses, council tax payers and hundreds of low income households on a weekly basis. Every council in the country is required to process Revenue and Benefits data, either in-house or using an outsourced model.

Following a discovery in Spring 2021 – which explored if there is a need to build a new IT platform for local government, and how it might be done – the project will use the alpha to:

  • address the user needs identified during the discovery
  • develop a minimum viable product (MVP) to help Teignbridge identify other local authorities who might benefit from this service

More information will be published on this page once the project kicks off.

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Project timeline

December 2021

The Revs and Bens project is awarded £148,000 of funding through the Continuous Funding Model to undertake an alpha phase.

February 2022

The project’s alpha phase is due to kick off.