Children’s placement portal

This project, led by Birmingham City Council on behalf of the West Midlands Commissioning Hub, aims to enable a more strategic and cost efficient approach to child placement.

By doing this, important data such as demand supply and cost can be used to enable a more strategic and cost efficient approach to child placement across the region.

More information, including outputs and working-in-the-open activities, will be published on this page as the project progresses. In the meantime, you can read the project application (Microsoft Word Doc) to find out more.

Project timeline

November 2021

The project is awarded £148,135 of funding through Round 5 of the Local Digital Fund to conduct an alpha phase.

March 2022

During the alpha phase, the project team has taken a user-centred approach to develop a data model that meets the needs of the commissioners by describing market activity and is suitable for analysis.

Following extensive user research, with both commissioners and providers, the project team has documented their detailed understanding of the current contracting and purchase-to-pay processes and what their systems must do in order to integrate with them.

The next steps for the project team are the creation of interactive prototype interfaces for the contracting process. Once complete, the prototypes will be user-tested to confirm whether it is possible to get the required information whilst improving the experience for the marketplace’s users.

August 2022

The project team is currently preparing their beta application through the continuous funding model (CFM) framework. The CFM interview is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 31 August. Receiving CFM will help the project team maintain momentum and continuity.