Building family context in children’s services


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The team is conducting a beta exploring how to let frontline workers know which services are engaged with the child’s family, in a way which works across councils. This information is not readily accessible, making it harder to judge risk and ensure vulnerable families get the right support.

The development of this service aims to ensure children are safeguarded, services can co-ordinate support and frontline workers save time searching for information and can use their time more effectively. The team is using agile methodology, ensuring user needs are met and open sourcing code, making sure it is well explained so that other councils can test and implement our solution themselves.

Project outputs


Project timeline

December 2018

Previous ‘Family context in children’s services’ alpha receives £100,000 from the Local Digital Fund.

March 2019

‘Family context in children’s services’ alpha delivers project outputs which are published on the Local Digital website.

May 2020

Project team works to deliver outputs from ‘Family context in children’s services’ beta, which will be published openly on the Local Digital website.