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This project, led by Leeds and Croydon Councils, intended to tackle the real world challenges and chronic lack of digital capability in certain communities across the UK.

Individuals lack access to equipment, connectivity and skills, while many SMEs lack the know-how to trade successfully.

The output is a comprehensive playbook that covers a wide range of issues in providing guidance for teams planning digital inclusion projects locally, based on the experiences of the contributing organisations.

The Digital Inclusion Toolkit website homepage.
The Digital Inclusion Toolkit website homepage.


Watch a recording of the project’s lightning talk at Digital Leaders Week 2021:

Project outputs

Project timeline

August 2020

The Digital Inclusion Toolkit project receives £80,000 of funding from the Local Digital C-19 Challenge.

February 2021

The project receives £125,000 of follow-on funding from the Local Digital Fund to continue their work.

In the second phase of work, the project is looking to expand the content on the Digital Inclusion Toolkit platform, and to engage potential contributors and users in a more structured way.

The team will pay particular attention to encouraging content from new organisations and on themes that are not currently covered by the experiences of existing partners. For example, this could relate to the different challenges of delivering digital inclusion programmes in rural areas.

March 2021

The project team kicked off their new project phase.

The team successfully presented to 7 regional Digital Skills Partnership coordinators and made some useful connections that will add value to their work going forward.

April 2021

The team started working with their website development team to test various plugins for notifications for users.

They also published a new contributor guide on the website.

June 2021

The team gave a presentation about their work during the Digital Leaders Week Lightning Talk session (skip to 40:35 minutes).

The project created and published a survey to learn about people’s experiences when using the Digital Inclusion Toolkit website and to better understand their user needs.

As part of their new comms strategy, the team have written several articles and promoted them on Twitter.

The team welcomed two User Researchers from Telltale research. Their first task is to identify research participants to interview.

July 2021

The User Researchers created an interview discussion guide and identified their research participants. They also revamped the survey questions that the team produced in June.

September 2021

The online survey closed and the User Researchers began to analyse the results.

A new content designer was welcomed to the team, who will use the research to improve the site content and page layouts, which will improve the user experience.

The project team held a team retro session to look back over at the work they have done in the last 6 months.

October 2021

The User Researchers played back their findings to the project team and published a blog post on their research. You can also read the full User Research report.

December 2021

The project updated and went live with changes to their website, including a new homepage, better section navigation and clearer article titles. Check out their new blog about this.