Revs and Bens

This project, led by Teignbridge District Council, kicked off a 12-week alpha in February 2022. Revenue and Benefits systems are one of the key digital systems for all local authorities; […]

Community Grants Service

This project, led by Newcastle City Council, is aiming to integrate the process of users submitting grant applications with back office systems to ensure a seamless, timely and efficient process. […]

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Children’s placement portal

This project, led by Birmingham City Council on behalf of the West Midlands Commissioning Hub, aims to enable a more strategic and cost efficient approach to child placement. By doing […]

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Low-code patterns for housing management

This alpha project, led by London Borough of Redbridge, explored the development of a housing management platform that enables local authorities to move away from inflexible incumbent housing management solutions. […]

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Better income management and e-payment systems

This project led by Barnsley Metropolitan Council builds on previously completed discovery work and aims to define an end-to-end Income Management System (IMS) proposition for users.  Working with Dorset County […]

A title slide from the IMS project's final show and tell presentation

Visualising failure in waste services

This alpha aimed to create data visualisation for the failure demand to inform targeted resources to address the problem by either education, enforcement or resolving locality problems such as poor […]

The Visualising Waste project team at work