Prototyping a digital taxi licensing service

Taxi drivers and companies require a licence to operate. To acquire and retain their licences they need to know what information to provide and when, to ensure the licences they […]

Revs and Bens (Alpha)

This project, led by Teignbridge District Council, kicked off a 12-week alpha in February 2022. Revenue and Benefits systems are one of the key digital systems for all local authorities; […]

Children’s Placement Portal

This project, led by Birmingham City Council on behalf of the West Midlands Strategic Network, sought to improve how children’s placement data is captured and analysed. By doing this, important […]

The Local Digital Fund round 5 logo

Low-code patterns for housing management

The alpha phase of the project, led by London Borough of Redbridge, explored the development of a housing management platform that enables local authorities to move away from inflexible incumbent […]

The Local Digital Fund round 5 logo

LocalGov Drupal (Alpha)

In this alpha phase the LocalGov Drupal team tested assumptions gathered through their discovery work. They improved their understanding of how councils can share drupal code in order to design […]

The LocalGov Drupal alpha project mission sticker

Housing Repairs (Technical Alpha)

The project led by Lincoln City Council builds on previously completed discovery and alpha work. The project has a strong focus on engaging the private sector, and aims to prove […]

The Repairs Online technical alpha show and tell presentation on a laptop screen

Income Management System (Alpha)

This project (also known as ‘Better income management and e-payment systems’) led by Barnsley Metropolitan Council builds on previously completed discovery work and aims to define an end-to-end Income Management […]

A title slide from the IMS project's final show and tell presentation

Visualising failure in waste services

This alpha aimed to create data visualisation for the failure demand to inform targeted resources to address the problem by either education, enforcement or resolving locality problems such as poor […]

The Visualising Waste project team at work

Providing registrations data to housing services

Following on from a successful discovery, this collaborative alpha project explores possible use cases for registrations data across local public housing services. The project aims to prove that providing deaths […]

Better case management of FOI and SAR requests

This Alpha aimed to understand the user journey for staff who deal with FOI requests and SARs to prototype approaches to the unmet user needs they have discovered, and understand […]

The FOI and SAR requests team at work

Open Community (Alpha)

The alpha work set out to test an implementation of an “Open Community” data standard, expressed in machine readable terms and used for interchange of data by multiple organisations fulfilling […]

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Back Office Planning System (Alpha)

Following on from a successful discovery, this collaborative alpha project explores potential solutions for a back office planning system (BOPS). The project is delivered in Agile, using a user-centred approach […]

The Back Office Planning Alpha team at work

Housing Repairs (Alpha)

Following on from a successful discovery, this collaborative alpha project explores potential solutions for a common service pattern for the housing repairs service. The project is delivered in Agile, using […]

Predictive modelling for children’s social care

Suffolk County Council is leading an alpha project with Cambridgeshire County Council and Norfolk County Council, exploring the use of predictive modelling to understand future demand for children’s social care, […]

Predictive Modelling For Childrens Social Care team at work

Quality Data for Children in Care (Alpha)

This alpha project, led by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is looking at improving data and evidence on children in care. This project is a continuation of the discovery […]

Evidence On Children In Care project team at work

Reducing Invalid Planning Applications (Alpha)

Every year, councils receive thousands of planning submissions. Application validation and invalid applications represent a common problem for all of them. The alpha project aims to come up with a […]

The Reducing Invalid Applications team