London Borough of Southwark

Every local authority is tasked with hundreds of functions, and through individual transformation programmes many are redesigning them to provide better, cheaper services. There are hundreds of councils across England […]

Gateshead Council

Problem Statement Licensing in the taxi trade is a key statutory responsibility of local government. Gateshead Council and partners (Northumberland County Council and Sunderland City Council) find that delivering license service is […]

Government Digital Service (GDS)

Across local government generally there’s a lack of skills in digital commissioning; recent engagements have evidenced gaps in understanding / knowledge on: how to most effectively use commercial agreements procurement […]

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

Local Government organisations use a broad range of website platforms to provide information and online services to local citizens and businesses.  Many of these platforms are limited by proprietary formats, […]

Surrey County Council

Problem: councils struggle to implement modern APIs for local address lookup which resolve unique property reference numbers (UPRNs), so where digital services are developed by or in collaboration with third […]

Oxford City Council

There are problems for local authorities looking to adopt chatbot and AI solutions; There is no shared understanding of the technology and its advantages/disadvantages as a solution to key issues.  […]

Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council and our partners need to safeguard front line services by ensuring that we execute back office work in the most effective and efficient way possible.   We want […]

Newcastle City Council

There has been a growth in the availability and use of AI Voice technology, e.g. Google Voice / Amazon Alexa, within the service industry, e.g. 1 in 10 British citizens now own […]

Northumberland County Council

North of Tyne would like to look at  the process of registering of births. There is a considerable amount of manual work and paper processes involved which puts an added […]

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council

Working in partnership, all authorities have investigated options available and explored the benefits of adopting new approach for communication technologies, together with utilising the benefits of a partnership approach to […]