Northumberland County Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

Northumberland County Council would like to look at the process of licencing a premise for civil ceremonies and weddings.  The process is currently a paper application with manual processes in the back office to issue the licence, we would like to digitise this process.

Information and criteria is often difficult to understand and find about how to apply for a premise licence and what to expect. The results of this is that we advertise personal numbers and email addresses of staff who then individually answer queries and explain the process.  We have no statistics regarding how many interactions we have nor the nature of these inquiries as we don’t record them anywhere. We have no understanding of what the issues are.

To develop a to be customer journey which they can follow which leads to a successful completion first time around.

A report which highlights the pain points in the user journey

Understand what options and channels would be the most efficient in letting people know the eligibility criteria for the service

Produce and share information that can be used by other registrar services

Ideally would like to get to the stage where we have a product(s) that provides status updates to the applicant, a back office tool for staff to manage applications, to provide all the information someone needs to apply before they press submit and some kind of indication that they will be successful if they to apply.  We would also like to have a performance dashboard to manage the service and aid in further iterations of the service as it develops


  • Digital leadership training (for council leaders, service managers or senior executives)
  • Digital and agile awareness
  • Introduction to user research
  • Introduction to service design
  • Introduction to delivery management
  • Introduction to product management
  • Introduction to digital business analysis
  • Agile for teams

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