Carlisle City Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Invited to apply

Carlisle City Council are part of the Carlisle Focus pilot scheme in conjunction with Cumbria Police, Cumbria Fire & Rescue, Housing Providers and Cumbria County Council to pro-actively tackle neighbourhood issues. The first year has seen exceptional growth in referrals thanks to a unified approach to issues that affect residents every day, from both a criminal and civil perspective. A number of highly successful diverse operations have been completed that tackle nuisance complaints like parking, through to serious organised crime including modern slavery and Cuckooing. Each participating agency holds vital information that when brought together, paints a powerful picture and allows Focus members to formulate preventative strategies. Our successes are well publicised utilising social media, local press and physical presence. Because of this success, it has become apparent that the Focus Group must employ technology to continue our growth and manage the data we share. Funding would be used to invite developers to create a future-proof data sharing platform, specifically designed to share appropriate data whilst adhering to the legislations each agency must adhere to. We want to build an example of what a unified approach can achieve; an example that can be adopted nationwide, for the benefit of everyone.

  • Digital leadership training (for council leaders, service managers or senior executives)
  • Digital and agile awareness
  • Introduction to service design
  • Agile for teams

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  1. As Digital Programme Manager - North East Lincolnshire Council:

    North East Lincolnshire have submitted a very similar bid about a data sharing platform which supports and drive strategic peformance management through Outcomes Based Accountability.
    There are many similarities to your own and we would welcome a preliminary discussion as to whether we could join and collaborate.
    We have a working prototype which we would be happy to demonstrate.

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