Property Technology (PropTech)

We strive to work with Local Authorities and property technology (PropTech) companies to drive digital transformation aligned with the department’s wider objectives. This involves shaping how DLUHC delivers reforms that enable the public sector to make best use of the innovation and productivity gains being created by the private sector.

From empowering local authorities to adopt digital engagement technologies to engaging with the PropTech sector on issues across housing and planning, we continue to support the fostering of an affordable and accessible PropTech ecosystem which provides genuine choice and value for money in the market. The value of this work is rooted in our belief that it will:

  • Make the planning system more democratic through increased transparency around planning policy and projects
  • Increase in growth and resilience of the sector across local government and industry
  • Increase in affordability and scalability of digital technologies and platforms
  • Increased diversification, capability and capacity of the PropTech sector
  • Increase awareness of PropTech solutions and innovative tools on the market
  • Inform policy and streamline planning delivery

Find out more about our work in the following areas: