General Register Office

Existing civil registration processes require citizens to attend lengthy (30-40 minute) appointments with a registrar, to provide information for a birth or death to be registered. As with death registration, […]

London Borough of Hounslow

Councils and partners collect large amounts of data in the course of their work, which if joined up could bring much greater insight and better inform policy and strategy design. […]

Cornwall Council

National picture   Nationally and locally, health and care systems need to manage the inevitable challenges of increased demand, expectations and reducing finances.   Across the UK, there are baseline […]

London Borough of Croydon

There’s no pan-local government ‘playbook’ describing how to make code sharing work in practice. We believe this discourages collaboration, and leads to painful reinventions of the wheel in councils where it’s tried.   Our Discovery project will work through the issues that […]

South Norfolk Council

We would like to look into how we can, as separate authorities, deliver joined up digital services to our collective customers, as if we were a single authority, but maintain […]

LGSS (Northamptonshire County Council)

Open source communities and practices in technology have been around since the early 1960s with many academics distributing free and open software to encourage and support openness and co-operation. As […]

Sunderland City Council

Debt poverty is an issue that affects all Local Authorities in the UK. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation estimates that approximately 22% of people in the UK are living in poverty. […]

Roayl Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Internet technologies around IoT are promising radical improvements in how we serve our residents and businesses. This gives rise to a range of emerging opportunities to achieve significant social and […]

Nottingham City Council

This Discovery Project looks to explore Wi-Fi print solutions so that local authorities have a greater understanding of the available solutions in the common marketplace and can make better informed […]

Hastings Borough Council

Our initial research suggests there is currently a gap between young people, particularly aged 16-24, and their local councils. For the Discovery phase we are focusing on young people and […]

Rushmoor Borough Council

Local Authorities are undertaking digital transformation so that we can meet our residents’ raised expectations. We have had some success digitising services but found it harder to engage our staff […]

Huntingdonshire District Council

Residents that are embedded into a community are less likely to have a bad situation develop into crisis and are more able to draw on support from sources other than […]

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

This discovery project breaks into three parts a common problem facing local authorities; The first part of the common problem is understanding whether voice truly represents a long-term change in […]

East Lindsey District Council

East Lindsey District Council alongside Boston Borough Council and South Holland District Council cover 2,250 km² of East Lincolnshire with a combined population of over 300,000. The sparsely distributed population […]

Kingston Upon Hull City Council

It is well known that all local authorities suffer at the hands of vandalism and anti-social behaviour within our parks and play areas. This puts a strain on our budgets […]

Cheshire East Council

The problem of low account take-up exists in many authorities; particularly with low take-up across high volume transactional services such as Benefits; Council Tax; Rent etc. Some of the perceived […]

Cheshire East Council

Digital ethics and privacy are growing concerns for individuals, organisations and governments. Consumers are increasingly aware their personal information is valuable and are demanding control. Organisations recognise the increasing risk […]

North Devon Council

At the moment, none of the partner authorities have sufficient skills or capacity to carry out effective user research. Therefore we are all unsure whether we are meeting user needs. […]

East Sussex County Council

Residents often struggle to find the information they need due to website design. This project seeks to explore how access can be simplified to make the experience more human, avoiding […]

Bristol City Council

A recent Select Committee report concluded that “the Government does not understand citizen’s views on how their data should be used” ( This knowledge gap problem exists at national, regional […]