Resilience & Cyber4Good 2022 – UKAuthority

Cyber attacks on public service organisations are an ever present reality – how do we build both defences and resilience?

Resilience is the name of the game, and cyber-attack an ever present threat to the public sector. Join us to for Cyber4Good to share and learn how we can work together to keep vital public services running – come what may.

Speakers: NPCC | Copeland BC | Cisco | Norfolk CC & Socitm | LGA | DLUHC | NHS England | JISC | DCMS | Oxfordshire County and Cherwell District Councils

Plus, hear from Deputy Director for Digital, Lawrence Hopper, about Local Digital’s exciting plans for the next three years and what this means for local government. Lawrence will talk about what the team has learnt so far and what’s next on our journey to drive cyber and digital reform in the sector. Lawrence will deliver his session on Wednesday 5 October.