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Residents all over the UK are constantly moving house for work and family commitments. Individuals are obliged to inform local authorities of their address change. At present there is no single system which records the notified address change and broadcasts the update, or makes the information accessible, to all concerned authorities.


Individuals have the onus of informing each authority separately. It is a fragmented process leaving multiple system of records vulnerable to inconsistencies. Opportunists with malicious intent may use these irregularities to commit fraudulent activities, which costs the taxpayers in multiple ways. When local authorities (or other relevant institutions) need to verify the individual-to-address information, they have to rely on specialists companies at additional cost, again burdening the taxpayer.

Local authorities being the first point of contact to record any address change, a solution underpinned by digital ledger technology will benefit all other authorities on its network with a single version of the truth.

This proposal is intended to

  • understnand the problem arising from inconsistent individual-to-address relationship and its impact on all the authorities
  • Quantify the costs of current solutions in place
  • Study the potential to move to an open platform solution
  • Digital leadership training (for council leaders, service managers or senior executives)
  • Introduction to digital business analysis

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  1. As Interim Digital Services Manager Croydon Council:

    This is an issue also facing my councils and we would be keen to see how this could be weaved into the online portal authentication and address verification process which we are currently working on.

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