Cheshire East Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

Local Augmented Reality Data Platform

Industrial Strategy aims to make the UK a leader for digital technologies. As this technology develops it is important that the data and services held by Councils provide and respond to this medium, allowing for new ways to access and reaching new audiences.

Through providing a local AR platform, authorities can engaging resident in new ways, provide an open and trusted platform for use by others in the public. Applications will be limited only by the data available, and as Council data becomes smarter there is potential for AR to be applied to place data (planning, traffic) and people data (access times, health information, designing better living experiences for care users specifically in the dementia field.

The proposal is  to test the concept of a publically owned AR platform providing data in a specific geographical location or information area of::

  • Establish the data protection and governance arrangements required to deliver.
  • Develop the digital modelling required for a specific geographical location.
  • Identify applications, and practical examples.
  • Understand user acceptance requirements.
  • Produce reusable assets:
    • Report into the applications and user acceptance.
    • Governance report on the implications for public data and communications.
    • Demonstrator platform.
  • Introduction to user research

Other training requests

Given the innovative nature of the application of AR, the specific training needs would need to be identified through further development of the project. However it is likely to include training on Introduction to user research and additionally application training and coding of augmented reality, and data cleansing and alignment requirements