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Adult Social Care is responsible for the provision of home care support for citizens who are vulnerable and suffer with early signs of dementia. On average each person receives 3 visits per day at a cost of £80 million per annum.  This equate to over 6 million hours of home support commissioned each year. The visit are usually a morning call to ensure the individual is washed and has had breakfast, a midday call to ensure that the individual to take medication, has eaten and are suitably hydrated. The evening call is made to ensure that the individual is safely in bed. Our discovery phase will focus on those individuals that are independent but require monitoring and prompting to ensure they are taking appropriate medication and/or sustenance.  We believe that there are technologies that could significantly reduce the need for 3 visits and generate substantial savings.  We would like to explore whether existing/emerging technologies can reduce the number of visits and provide the local authority with confidence that the individual has being prompted and has acted on the instruction.  We believe that the provision of this information will provide predictive analysis to determine early prevention and help predict future demand

  • Introduction to user research
  • Introduction to service design
  • Introduction to digital business analysis

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  1. As Director Of Innovation:

    HAS Technology Group , based in Sutton Coldfield (West Midlands), is developing such early detection technologies which we believe will greatly support this project.

    This BBC article on our ARMED solution will explain more ( Last week the CEO of Microsoft (Satya Nadella) highlighted our story at the Future Decoded event (

    with 20 years experience as one of the largest Social Care technology providers of electronic visit delivery information, in the UK, we are well placed to support this very exciting Discovery project.

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