Using intuitive advertising to increase engagement on digital platforms

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The council partnered with The Future Fox aiming to involve the community more in the development of a new master plan for the town centre. To do so, the project team utilised a digital consultation platform which included a questionnaire with a spatial map to gather residents’ feedback on topics including how they feel about the town centre and what changes they would like to see in the future. The information gathered did not only inform a new masterplan for the town centre but created a heat map of responses to inform future engagement.

In addition to consulting on the new master plan for the town centre, the council also identified four key opportunity areas for redevelopment including a shopping centre and university district, on which respondents could answer specific questions with easy-to-use image selector options. 

The council used a hybrid form of engagement which included officers being present for 2 days at a shopping centre where there was a vacant retail shopfront on the high street which the council cleverly displayed their proposed plans. The display included QR codes which linked people directly to the consultation platform. 

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