Using 3D digital tools and augmented reality to visualise the benefits of high-quality development

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Surrey County Council partnered with Digital Urban to build on Surrey County Council’s recent expansion of citizen engagement and apply 3D digital tools and augmented reality to help visualise the benefits of high-quality development.

Through developing a new digital game, the council aimed to reach a broader spectrum of the local community on specific proposals for the revitalisation of Farnham Town Centre. To do so, the council delivered a hybrid engagement approach using digital engagement, along traditional engagement exercises. These included four event days which utilised two VR immersive game experiences enabling residents to.explore and give feedback on future plans for Farnham Town Centre.  

These activities successfully attracted large numbers, and from a full range of age groups, compared to more traditional exhibitions held earlier in the consultation period. This enabled a broad range of feedback compared to previous consultations, where younger age groups were previously under-represented. 

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