Community feedback on Area Assessments

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By building on their existing 3D map-based tool the London Borough of Redbridge aimed to help the community contribute insight into the Area Assessment process and deliver greater transparency into how decisions are made.

Focussing on the Seven Kings Area of Redbridge the council partnered with Urban Intelligence and tool PlaceMaker, a digital site assessment tool which uses geospatial and data analytics techniques to appraise development potential and digitalise many key processes.  In doing so, the council aimed to develop their platform to work more openly with citizens while helping to fast track land supply and delivery. 

The project was split into two phases, the first stage of engagement developed an online map-based platform that collated and displayed physical and non-physical data under eight themes. The community were encouraged to provide feedback to express their lived experiences throughout the Borough in relation to each of the themes. 

To boost numbers to the consultation platform, the project team developed two short videos to replace previous assets on the councils social media platform. 

Following the stage 1 consultation period, the project team will assess community feedback and develop a second iteration of the tool which appraises growth capacity across the Borough. 

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