Thanks for starting the Declaration signing process

What happens now

1. Review process

We will now review your organisation’s Declaration project commitments. This will take up to 3 working days. If your commitments need revising to meet the Declaration guidance, we will email you with advice, giving you the opportunity to amend them.

2. Senior approval at your organisation

When we are happy that your project commitments are in line with the Declaration, we will email your nominated senior approver with a link to complete the signing process. This will allow them to review the Declaration projects commitments before electronically signing the Declaration on behalf of your organisation.

3. Declaration signature and commitment publication

Once your approver has completed the signing process, you will both receive a copy of the signed Declaration by email.

Your organisation’s signature will be included in the signatories list below the Declaration itself, and your project commitments will then be shared on the Declaration projects page.