London Borough of Southwark

Across the UK, our population is growing increasingly unhealthy, with more people developing chronic conditions. That in turn reduces their ability to work, live independently and participate in society. There […]

London Borough of Southwark

We would like to explore the issue of disconnected communities and the associated problems of loneliness and lacking local support networks. These issues affect many residents, but particular older people, […]

Lincolnshire County Council

We know that there are currently huge issues for local residents in Lincolnshire in accessing the internet. In addition, local health care providers are often frustrated by the lack of […]

Huntingdonshire District Council

In order to tackle public sector wide problems like the increasing cost of social care and health and the lack of affordable housing or jobs councils need to switch from […]

Huntingdonshire District Council

Residents that are embedded into a community are less likely to have a bad situation develop into crisis and are more able to draw on support from sources other than […]

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

This discovery project breaks into three parts a common problem facing local authorities; The first part of the common problem is understanding whether voice truly represents a long-term change in […]

North Somerset Council

A full PDF of application with diagrams will be sent to Across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG) we have a growing population with the number of over […]

Cheshire East Council

The problem of low account take-up exists in many authorities; particularly with low take-up across high volume transactional services such as Benefits; Council Tax; Rent etc. Some of the perceived […]

North Devon Council

At the moment, none of the partner authorities have sufficient skills or capacity to carry out effective user research. Therefore we are all unsure whether we are meeting user needs. […]

Bracknell Forest Council

In Bracknell Forest and surrounding local authorities, levels of exercise are comparatively better than the regional and national average. Despite this, there are two key Public Health Outcome Indicators which […]