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Kicking off the Cyber Health Framework Alpha phase

During a Cyber discovery in 2020, a Cyber Health Framework was identified as one of the main areas of opportunity to progress into an alpha project, supporting council staff to navigate numerous and sometimes overlapping standards.

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Announcing our new digital skills training offer

We have developed a virtual training offer that will ensure we can still support local authority staff to learn and develop their digital skills, as well as make it easier to find relevant training opportunities.

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A look back at Local Digital in 2020

In this blog post we share just some of LDCU’S 2020 highlights and momentous moments, plus a teaser for what’s coming up in 2021.

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Kicking off the cyber security pre-discovery

The Local Digital team have started work on a pre-discovery to understand how we can better support local government on cyber security. Read about the work being planned into reducing cyber risks and becoming more cyber resilient across the sector.

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Continued support for Local Digital Fund projects

MHCLG has awarded further funding to 6 projects through the Local Digital Fund. Read about the projects that are continuing their work to fix the plumbing of public services.

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We’ve delivered training to 1000 council employees

MHCLG pledged to train 1000 local authority staff as part of our mission to support the ‘Local Digital’ movement. Read about how the Local Digital Collaboration Unit have achieved this and how your local authority can access free digital training.

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Updates to the Local Digital Fund application process

The Local Digital Fund is opening to applications from new collaborative projects across local government. Read about the changes made to the application process by the Local Digital team, and the evidence that has informed their thinking.

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One year of fixing the plumbing: the Local Digital Declaration

It’s been one year since the Local Digital Declaration was published. The Local Digital Collaboration Unit at MHCLG reflect upon the achievements so far, and how their future work can further deliver upon the promises and principles of the Declaration.

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Lessons we learned at the Future Proptech exhibition

The Digital Land team was represented at this year’s FUTURE: PropTech event to engage with and learn from innovators in the housing and planning sector. Find out more about the event and what we learned.

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Following our funded projects

Members of the Local Digital Collaboration Unit at MHCLG have been working closely with the 16 Local Digital Fund projects. Read about the information they’re gathering, how they aim to measure the value of collaborative working and the collaborative tools that the funded projects have utilised so far.

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Supporting digital innovation in PropTech

The Digital Land Policy team are working to support digital innovation in the PropTech sector. Peter Latham talks about who has joined the team, the findings they have already made and what they’re planning to do next.