Exploring data for Early Help service heads


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Early Help (EH) services support families with issues including domestic violence, substance misuse, mental health problems, poverty, family issues and others. EH services act before problems escalate and builds good relationships between families.

Across the country, EH service heads lack sufficient data to assess the performance and business case for their services, meaning they cannot optimise services, prioritise spend, assess service performance or compare approaches and share best practice.

The project team is conducting a discovery looking at the following 2 hypotheses:

  • insufficient data for services is a problem for EH service heads across councils
  • better data would help protect EH services from budget cuts and optimise efficiency

Project outputs

In addition to a Discovery report, the project has produced a benefits case and interview discussion guides for Early Help service leads and senior data analysts.


Project timeline

April 2020

The project team of the ‘Exploring data for Early Help service heads’ discovery deliver the agreed outputs, published openly on the Local Digital website.