Future Councils problem statements

We’re gathering feedback from councils and the wider sector on the work we’ve been doing through the Future Councils pilot.

You can read about our progress and find out how to share your feedback on this page.

About the Future Councils problem statements

Since May 2023, we have been working closely with our 8 pilot councils to explore the root causes behind what’s blocking them from becoming modern and resilient.

Together, we have developed 6 problem statements that summarise the systemic challenges councils are facing. Learn more about how we developed the statements in this blog post.

We now want to validate the problem statements and identify scalable opportunities to help the sector as a whole. We aim to do this by gathering feedback from councils beyond the pilot cohort, as well as the wider sector.

You can read more about the problem statements and find out how to share your feedback below.

The problem statements

Each problem statement gives a short, clear explanation of a challenge, summing up what the council wants to change. The statements were created by linking together resident, service, technology and innovation pain points with deeper issues.

The following are the 6 problem statements identified by the pilot councils that we want to investigate further.

How to feed back on the problem statements

1. Share your feedback at a Roundtable event

This Autumn, we’re inviting councils to join our Future Councils Roundtable series. At three in-person events, we’ll share more of what we’ve learnt through the pilot, and talk through the problem statements in detail. We will then invite councils to share their experience, including whether they face similar challenges, and discuss potential solutions.

Find out more and register for one of the events:

2. Share your feedback online

If you are part of the wider sector, or cannot attend one of our events, you can use the forms below to share your feedback by Tuesday 17 October 2023:

Please email futurecouncils@localdigital.gov.uk if you have any questions.