Slough Borough Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

Building control site visits are time consuming and create an administration overhead that could be reduced by using video to record stage progress.

The project aims to maximise the voice and video features of standard mobile technology to speed up the on site inspections process. The project will first establish the use of video synching to the back-office Building Control system to monitor stages and evidence sign off.  Future development will establish the use of augmented reality – for example, the ability to visualise and digitally compare a 3D projection of the proposed development at various stages against a real-world backdrop whilst on site, in video or still pictures

We have explored the concept with our supplier and local authority peers. Our supplier has a productivity app available that provides inspection functionality for officers. We would like to take this to the next stage by implementing video and exploring augmented reality, enhancements that could be valuable to all building control departments and planning authorities.

The Agile Applications solution provides:

  • Building Control site inspection recording
  • Visit location on a map
  • Integration with Agile Back Office building control software

Kirklees Council is a potential partner on this project.

Discovery evidence

The need for improved remote working features has been explored with our supplier, Agile Applications and with our peers at various networking groups.   There is widely available evidence that Building Control departments are losing staff to independent building control companies and we are keen to offer our citizens an efficient alternative to commercial companies.

The productivity app has been prototyped and iteratively tested by our supplier – we would like to extend this testing to our officers so that the user journey can be refined if necessary.

  • Digital and agile awareness
  • Agile for teams