Rushmoor Borough Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

After performing a discovery phase of how customers interact with Rushmoor regarding TPO’s (Tree protection orders) and the accuracy of this data using external customer experience consultancy expertise, Rushmoor¬† found that there was a valuable opportunity to smooth out the customer interaction process and allow for a more digital and accurate approach. The steps involved have been identified as such:

Convert current paper copies over to electronic copies.

Validate paper data vs existing electronic records.

Update the website to allow for self-searching, possibly on postcode.

The additional benefits of this would reduce the risk of unlawful work being carried out on a TPO and the ensuing legal journey. Reduce the number of hours spent on manual searching and validating by officers as well as increase customer self-serve capabilities.

Integration work would be required using GIS applications as well as Rushmoor’s document management system.

This projects deliverables and process can be shared with other councils who find themselves in the same situation regarding a need to modernise and validate their data systems, especially regarding TPO’s, as this project would be run using a well defined and repeatable methodology.

Rushmoor would explore the solution initially with Hampshire and Berkshire authorities with the vision of being able to share the solution across the local authority family.

Discovery evidence

As part of an organisation wide discovery project, Rushmoor worked closely with a customer experience consultancy to identify areas for improvement, projects to be undertaken and the potential benefits to be realised. A recommendation of this discovery project was that Rushmoor perform the above tasks in order to modernise our TPO responsibility and to develop a more efficient method of interacting with customers regarding TPO’s.

  • Introduction to service design
  • Introduction to delivery management