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Outcome of Expression of Interest: Invited to apply

Capturing User Feedback 

We have adopted an agile approach to developing digital services for our customers, however we don’t yet have a consistent process to receive, analyse and act upon our users using Beta public services. 

We would like to develop a service design pattern that could be applied – to allow the capture of feedback and/or usage of our services in development so that we can prioritise reoccurring issues to resolve, investigate serious problems identified and have better feedback data to analyse and inform our next iterations.  We also want to be able to demonstrate to those giving feedback that we have listened and acted upon their feedback.   

We want to do a discovery project to understand  the best ways to capture user feedback, how to encourage and engage users to give their feedback. 

Any solution developed would be applicable to any customer centric digital service, and supports our ambition to redesign our services around the true needs of the people using them. Delivery of the project would include our arms length housing provider YHN and would work with any other interested LA. 

  • Introduction to digital business analysis

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    Some of these problems and solutions are well understood by The Consultation Institute

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