Newcastle-upon-Tyne City Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

Managing Customers Notification Preferences

As an Authority we still spend in the region of £470k on postage and print related costs. In addition, our GDPR audit identified that customer details are often collected in a way which limits us from keeping customers up to date with different Council services. We also don’t collect more modern forms of contact methods (i.e. social media accounts).

Building on the work done as part of Gov.notify, we would like to undertake a piece of discovery work to understand user needs in relation to how we use customer details and keep them up to date on services they may benefit from using more digital methods of contact, in a way which is fully GDPR compliant. We would like to understand how we might allow users to freely manage their preferences, and determine how they would like to interact with the Council on a digital level.

  • Introduction to digital business analysis