Milton Keynes Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

Milton Keynes Council has been developing its 3D city map App discovery project MK:3D , which is Live in the App Store, as a prototype platform for a one stop shop for services relating to the business and visitor economy within Milton Keynes.  Examples of how the 3DMap App enhances our experience of Milton Keynes Council services are:

  • Inward Investment – Investors can see and get a feel for the city from across the globe. We can offer an enhanced planning consultation experience with 3D visions of sites within the context of the entire city.
  • Existing Business –showcase the real life look and location of their business and offer their customers a detailed view of parking availability, local amenities, public transport options, electric vehicle charging options, accommodation etc.
  • Visitor Economy – the 3D map combined with interactive 3D models of our buildings give visitors the unique opportunity to search for and view the attractions within the context of the whole city .

We would like to take MK:3D to the next development stage with intuitive content  and features. This platform can then be rolled out across other Local Authorities.

Milton Keynes Council will work in partnership with any Local Authority(ies)

Discovery evidence

The MK:3D App was set up as a discovery project in direct response to the Councils aims and ambitions:

  • The Digital Strategy – has set a priority for our Services to be transformative, open and accessible, share data wherever possible and collaborate to create the best possible digital environment.
  • Economic Development Strategy – we have a priority to articulate a compelling offer by promoting Milton Keynes as a premier location for inward investment and as a visitor destination
  • The Council Plan 2016-21 – the 3D Map can be expected to have direct impact on creating a city of opportunity with its focus upon skills and employment

The Council set about creating a joined up digital platform for cross departmental and partnership services for three identified areas of the business and visitor economy. A series of presentations and workshops were conducted to collect cross departmental and partnership  views on the main target users and their requirements.  These requirements were used to create the specification for appointing an App design contractor for the prototype App.

Workshops, reviews and presentations to collate feedback on the prototype App are ongoing and are informing a review of the marketing plan and pricing structure.

  • Digital leadership training (for council leaders, service managers or senior executives)
  • Introduction to user research
  • Introduction to digital business analysis

Other training requests

We have a Project/Programme Manager to provide project delivery resource and a contractor in place who has provided expertise in App design, development and marketing for the prototype but this contract comes to an end in 2019. To develop the App further and promote its opportunities to a wider audience, we will require expertise in: • App design and development • Research into the wider requirements of our target users • Monitoring App usage to inform ongoing development of the App features and content to keep it current. • Integrating the App with council services in the most functional and cost effective way • Working with other Local Authorities to develop the features and content that are attractive to the wider audience so that commonalities can be used countywide