Hull City Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

Development of the target architecture for a Data Sharing and Analytics platform built with standard Microsoft Power BI functionality
The Hull City Council together with partners including, Humberside Police and the NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group have established a pilot project in one area of the city to develop a common set of tools which through co-ordinated action can support the reduction in demand for Police, Health and Local Authority Services.
Programme support to the Beverley Road Corridor project has provided a data and mapping dashboard using Microsoft Power BI which has been used to help define the current landscape. However, the current methods for data extract, transform and load are primarily manual one off processes and rely on regular data refreshes and maintenance.
A solution that provides a single secure scalable platform to automate the extract, transform and load of a wide range of data sets spanning multiple organisations, to a common dashboard.
The Dashboard will facilitate:
•Understanding of the costs associated with individual service delivery and identification of optimal interventions

The tools and solutions required include:
• Common standards and governance for a common approach to data management
• A single, secure, technological platform for analysing data using Power BI

Discovery evidence

A Place Based Board was established comprising the Chief Officers of all Public Sector bodies to co-ordinate the use of resource within the city to facilitate the co-ordinated delivery of Public Services within budget.
The Council commissioned a report to develop an Outcomes Based Framework for the City.
To test out the approach public sector services were co-located in one area of the city to support the co-ordinated management of resource.
To support this approach a further piece of work was commissioned from Consultants to develop, among other things, a dashboard within Microsoft Power BI to support the pilot drawing upon data sets from all organisations across the Public Sector.
While the pilot has proven successful in realising the potential to deliver efficiencies through working together using a common data set and analytical dashboard, the pilot highlighted the need to establish target architecture and a data analytics platform that is updateable and used in real time supported by appropriate data sharing protocols.
Across the Humber are ICT investment is co-ordinated across Health and Local Authority organisations through the Humber ICT Leaders Board. In North East Lincolnshire a similar need use of Power BI to similar effect has been identified.

  • Digital leadership training (for council leaders, service managers or senior executives)
  • Digital and agile awareness
  • Introduction to digital business analysis
  • Agile for teams

Other training requests

Training in the Use and application of Microsoft Power BI