Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Invited to apply

Partner Authorities all have individual legacy telephony solutions with limited unified communication capability.

Contact centre solutions, wires, billing, application interfaces, customer payment solutions, voicemail and mobile / flexible telephony are all disparate and perform as separate solutions each at cost to partner authorities. 

Each organisations capability has developed incrementally, with bolt-ons, over time. 

This strategy benefitted service delivery for individual organisations at the time although it is now believed that by adopting a single Alpha solution the partnership will revolutionise service delivery and bring communications capabilities normally associated with private sector to our staff and customers alike.

The project is to design and implement a repeatable installation and adoption strategy that can be followed by all partners and that can be extended to other organisations wanting to adopt similar.


·         One single cloud hosted solution

·         One number per user, desk based/mobile or softphones

·         Modern unified communication functionality –integrating MS Office, instant messaging, video and conference calling

·         One single contact centre solution – separately configured and implemented for partners

·         Integrated Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

·         One single support contract (bills, lines, calls, technologies)

 The new solution will give staff the opportunity to work in a more flexible way facilitating contact arrangements from any location.

Discovery evidence

Over the last 12 months we have been working in collaboration with our partners to define an approach to provide a modern, robust communication solution for customer facing and back office staff to engage with residents and local commerce.

We have engaged users on a series of investigations into the existing Unified Communication (UC) and Contact Centre (CC) estates with Leicestershire ICT Partnership Authorities. Objectives included gathering functional insight into the existing UC and CC estates, and to understand strategic objectives in regard to internal and external communication.

We have held events across all partnership sites defined as ‘Ready Days’ to experience first hand the day to day challenges Contact Centre staff face when managing customers and to capture high level requirements based on work flows.

Following this, we then validated findings from the ‘ready day’ sessions, in order to present a tailored business case aiming to solve issues highlighted, which exist across the four councils.

High level cost/benefit analysis of three options for meeting the business need was undertaken and demonstration of the preferred solution held at each partner site.  A summary of some of the benefits have been listed below:

Benefit Result
Single contract and supplier management Reduced  hours spent managing supplier contracts and billing from LICTP Client and each partner authorities Finance Teams
Single support contract and point of contact Reduced  hours spent managing support issues, and single supplier accountability for support issues. Quicker resolution to issues and frees up technical resources to progress other prioritised work
Staff productivity increase via collaboration technology Efficient working via enhanced collaboration capability. Efficient resource management. Flexible and home working capability.
Enhanced DR capability Reduced risk, reduced need for 3rd party DR capability (such as remote site maintenance and DR contracts), enhanced business uptime, consistent resource, sharing council buildings
Consultative supplier relationship Access to non-sales consultative support for free, as part of the strategic relationship
Enhanced citizen service capability and reporting Increased first time resolution impact less complaint handling, better oversight on resource allocation
Management self-service on both UC and contact centre technology Lower reliance on IT to make real time changes to system(voicemail, numbers, devices)
Less Power Required & Lower Carbon Output Consolidated energy supply – hardware and systems removed from local sites.


  • Digital and agile awareness
  • Agile for teams

Other training requests

We have full commitment and approval for the business cases across all partners in relation to the service design and user research. We lack expertise in the project delivery and agile / iterative development of the solution:- • Extending capability with our customers – residents / business • Developing trusted material to share with other local authorities We would benefit from professional guidance with the management of the project as the implementation extends across the Partnership. We anticipate developing our Agile working capabilities to build the solution capability and extend the contribution to the delivery of our shared Digital Strategy.