Colchester Borough Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Invited to apply

The majority of IT enhancements to business area improvements do not significantly consider the impact to Income Management and Finance Systems. 

All too often these areas end up with supplementary reports and manual processes which take up officer time and reduce department efficiency.
Our proposal is to identify core financial flows and attributes thereof from various functional areas e.g. Licencing, Planning and Building Control and map how these manifests themselves in Income management and Finance subsystems. 

We will then define common: 

1) Standards to define minimum financial attributes, in additional to any project specific requirements, which need to be provided by any enhancement project so it is acceptable to financial processing systems. 

2) Processes to test the end-to-end flow and reconciliation of these attributes as a core requirement of any new enhancement. 

  • Introduction to digital business analysis

Other training requests

Training that would facilitate this proposal : 1) Basic financial accounting training for non-finance staff. 2) Basic IT training to cover spreadsheet usage for reconciliations and system access for data file delivery and receipt. 3) Business process improvement techniques in the analysis, and documentation, of processes.