City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

The Council has identified a number of rural and urban sites where regular Fly Tipping events are taking place.


The Council has been working with Vodafone to install the Smart camera solution at one of these sites.

The intention is to capture evidence of illegal fly tipping activities, and empower the Council to access, review and use footage in a secure and user friendly manner.

This site will be used as an initial evaluation of the Smart Camera capabilities, and the intention is to use the business intelligence gained by the cameras to build an internal business case to justify a greater spend on the Smart Camera solution to assist the Council with prosecutions and to discourage fly tipping and other anti-social behaviour at other site installs.

Discovery evidence

We have mount an “entrance” camera at both ends of the lane, to capture vehicle information as cars enter or leave the pilot site.

Both entrance cameras are use existing street lamp posts for mounting purposes, close to the target area.

We have placed a camera in the target area towards the end of the lane

All cameras are mounted 3 –5meters high (to capture vehicle information)

The camera is mounted within 10m of the target area. This allows for the internal trigger to be utilised, and the camera would capture a wide-angle view of any activity within the target area.

We are using a telephoto lens, and place a REMOTE trigger in the target area to activate the camera from afar.

An IR light attached to the camera (up to 20m range) for night time footage at the location

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