Bath and North East Somerset Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Invited to apply

Bereavement Services

There are a number separate pipeline technology projects relating to the Council’s in-house delivered Bereavement Service.  At the core of each is how underlying data is stored, processed and used to manage the service.  The current database is held on a legacy platform requiring migration for security, performance and support improvements.  However, a wider discovery project is needed to help determine what the key problems are from a customer experience perspective.  As well as to identify the main operational pain points.

There is an absence of web channels for the service, so there is the clear potential make more services (of which a number are income generating) available online e.g. Memorial Requests, Book of Remembrance.  The current paper based format of records presents a security risk  and prevents making an online search facility available for relatives.

We want to carry out a Discovery project to:

  • Map the current customer experience
  • Carry out user research with customers of the service
  • Produce a to-be journey map
  • Convey a shared understanding with key stakeholders
  • Introduction to user research
  • Introduction to service design
  • Introduction to delivery management

Other training requests

In addition to the selections above, some further Agile coaching would help us to improve and refine how we run our Agile projects within the team (on-site would be our preferred option for this – as a follow up to GDS Academy Agile for Teams training which was delivered on site for us Dec ‘17).

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    Should be linked to births. The process of registering a birth is antiquated.

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