Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

The dynamics of how we deliver our services in a simple, fast and effective way whilst supporting those in the community with complex needs is challenging and changing rapidly. We want to simply the most common tasks such that this frees up staff – enabling them to deal with complex cases.

We want to commission a piece of work to understand our customers’ needs better. Build a business intelligence data model that combines our complaints data with our customer channel data (such as; web, phone, face to face and email traffic routes) to develop and simplify our service delivery. We will be able to interrogate customer journeys and produce live summary dashboards, publish them live and ultimately shift resources between departments dynamically – based on demand.

Develop a semi-automated Complaints workflow system whereby a customer can register, track, and receive updates about their complaint. The system will then help us to ensure the appropriate person responds, and that officers are reminded and that they update their cases electronically – It will also allow us to automatically collect a rich source of data to dynamically improve our customer journey. This in turn can then be linked to service level targets.

Discovery evidence

Service Area (All)
Sum of Frequency Column Labels
Row Labels AchieveForm Drop-in Phone Website Grand Total
Jan 6,874 905 15,817 236,403 259,999
Feb 3,405 486 12,055 204,694 220,640
Mar 4,690 441 14,707 253,093 272,931
Apr 7,816 765 15,669 212,111 236,361
May 7,636 838 14,625 213,650 236,749
Jun 12,313 1,115 13,136 200,197 226,761
Jul 12,680 899 14,222 205,084 232,885
Grand Total 55,415 5,449 100,231 1,525,232 1,686,327
  • Introduction to service design
  • Introduction to delivery management
  • Introduction to product management
  • Introduction to digital business analysis