Allerdale Borough Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Invited to apply

In areas where there are two or three tier authorities there is confusion among customers as to which organisation to to contact with enquiries or to report issues to, development of a wide range of different digital customer platforms has not made things easier for the customer.

As an example where a customer reports a pothole to a district council, that council than has to go into the report and assuming the customer has given consent, pass the information across to the correct authority, this happens for reports, enquiries, complaints etc and is a waste of resource manually dealing with what should be an automated process.

We would like to investigate ways of establishing either a common customer interface across authorities or indeed the feasibility of developing a national or regional customer platform for local authorities, by local authorities.


  • Digital and agile awareness
  • Introduction to user research
  • Introduction to service design
  • Introduction to digital business analysis