Using digital to publicise the world of planning

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North Lincolnshire Council’s pilot objective was to provide localised planning publicity, be that at a county wide scale or specific to village or town areas. In tandem, the pilot explored gathering reusable data that could be analytically tacked to enable the success of planning publicity to be monitored and to support decision making in the future, acting as a driver for change. 

To achieve this, the council created a fully digital offer that could be reusable across various outputs to provide the same information in multiple ways. This included creating new planning data feeds and integrating with social media and other websites that have the ability to push/pull application data and provide updates to residents at key stages through the planning process.    

By allowing external websites such as those run by parish and town councils, or local media outlets, to pull details of planning applications and push that information to social media, the council aimed to increase the reach and awareness developed through their engagement. 

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