Greenwich Community Directory


  1. Timeline

This project, led by Royal Borough of Greenwich, seeks to develop a reusable directory of community services so that residents can find them. In addition, it will enable Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations to easily update and manage information on those services. 

Following conversations with internal stakeholders, the Greenwich team are starting their project through testing and prototyping focused on the journey for the Adults and Older People part of their directory, including prototyping their journey and the best information architecture to support this. The team are working with delivery partners, TPX, to improve the reusability of TPX’s Scout and Outpost products, making it easier for more councils to adopt and customise these.

More information, including outputs and working-in-the-open activities, will be published on this page as the project progresses. In the meantime, you can read the project application, or check out the team’s Show and Tells to find out more.

Project timeline

November 2021

The project is awarded £350,000 of funding through Round 5 of the Local Digital Fund to conduct a beta phase.


August 2022

The team kicks off their work with delivery partner, TPX, which will initially focus on prototyping the user journey of Adults and Older People.

Greenwich have begun to add greater detail to their delivery plan, including establishing regular sprints for both their in-house team and TPX. Their focus is improving the user experience of their Community Directory and the reusability of TPX’s Scout and Outpost products, making it easier for more councils to adopt and customise these.

The team have also created a microsite to share their previous and upcoming shows and tells with others in the community.

September 2022

The Royal Borough of Greenwich are looking for local authorities who want to join forces and build a reusable community directory product that better meets the needs of residents, service providers and staff.

Find out more in their latest blog post.

The project team is now prototyping the end-to-end journey for the adults section of the Community Directory. In the coming weeks, the team will also be working closely with an interaction designer to develop proof of concepts which will determine the feasibility of the project and the next steps to take.