OneTeamGov User Research Unconference

This user research unconference is a part of #ServicesWeek 2020 and follows on from the popular event OneTeamGov Leeds held last May. This time we are holding a larger event in collaboration with HMRC Digital Delivery Centre in Shipley.

The unconference was born out of a need identified at our Leeds OneTeamGov breakfasts. There are lots of people who are either just starting out early in their user research career or new to conducting user research, many of whom are in organisations where they do not have a user research community or experienced user researchers to go to support them with their queries. We were finding that a lot of the topics discussed at OneTeamGov were about user research practice and there seems to be a gap for a local, cross-organisation community of practice, somewhere that people know they can go for advice.

This event is an attempt to fill that gap and is aimed at people who have lots of questions about user research that they are doing, but currently have nowhere to go to ask them – a user research open surgery in the form of an unconference so the agenda is set by the needs of those attending.

The aim is to provide a supportive, safe space for people to get advice from other user researchers about how to approach user research and overcome any barriers they are facing in user research practice.

HMRC is a secure government building so you will need to sign up to gain entry.
We look forward to seeing you there!