Local Digital Declaration 2018 round-up and project launch

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At these events, the Local Digital Collaboration Unit will celebrate the achievements of the Local Digital Declaration movement in 2018. We will gather Declaration signatories in cities around the UK to:

  • offer early adopters of the Local Digital Declaration the chance to get together and feedback on their experience so far
  • see the launch of the first collaborative projects initiated by technology suppliers in response to the Local Digital Declaration
  • showcase the first Local Digital Fund projects to be announced in early December

Places at this event are reserved for staff in organisations that have signed the Local Digital Declaration and suppliers working on a techUK project to support the Declaration agenda.

We’ll be hosting in London at CodeNode and connecting via livestream to a fringe event in Exeter. If you have a venue, you can host your own fringe event – contact Eni for more details about hosting.

Please be aware ticket allowance is 2 places per council. For more information regarding each event and to book your place, please visit the booking forms below.

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