Laying the foundations for a better-connected place

Having the right digital connectivity and infrastructure in place is fundamental to maximising regional growth and driving public service reform. Great connectivity offers citizens seamless services, where they can efficiently make transactions, access jobs and get the most out of the digital world and their community.Getting the digital infrastructure right and providing ubiquitous connectivity is the backbone to any digital transformation or starting point in creating a smart place and community.

As such, techUK is pleased to be hosting a roundtable with Southwark Council to discuss their experience of delivering superfast broadband to the community and working with broadband providers. The roundtable will bring together local authorities and the telecommunications industry to discuss how we can make better-connected communities a reality – from the procurement process to delivery. Southwark Council will share their learning and how they worked with the market, and we will also hear from other councils in the room what they have planned and how providers can help.

This event is also part of our growing the local government series as it will be an opportunity for new entrants and SMEs to better understand how local government works and how to break into the market.

*Agenda to follow*