How Green is our Digital?

Technology and sustainability – working together for a carbon neutral tomorrow

Join UKAuthority for a day exploring how public services can harness technology to both reduce the carbon footprint of their organisation and the services they deliver, and improve the environment for our communities.

We will hear from expert speakers and those delivering ground breaking innovation, before working together to identify an action plan: what steps can we take today to reduce the carbon footprint of our technology and use technology to reduce the organisation’s carbon footprint – and what can we do to accelerate this action into the future?

Hosted by Microsoft we will discuss the results of our UKAuthority survey across local government about the use of technology as a tool for sustainability.

This event is for the UK public sector only.

Mattie Yeta, Government Sustainability ICT Lead, Defra
Anna Bright, Chief Executive, Sustainability West Midlands
Dan Clarke, Smart Cambridge Programme Manager, Connecting Cambridgeshire
Chris Perkins, General Manager Public Sector, Microsoft UK
Ellen Wilson, Industry Solutions Executive Local & Regional Government, Microsoft UK
Jean-Marc Jefferson, Business Advisor, n2s
Mark Reynolds, Founder, Hable
Helen Olsen Bedford, Publisher & Research Director, UKAuthority