West Midlands Fire and Rescue Authority

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

Progressive Web Applications may well be the future of mobile, but can the UK Public Sector embrace them wholeheartedly?

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web applications that load like regular web pages or websites but can offer the user functionality such as working offline, push notifications, and device hardware access traditionally available only to native mobile applications.

PWAs are an emerging technology that combine the open standards of the web offered by modern browsers to provide benefits of a rich mobile experience.”


Here at West Midlands Fire Service we are seriously considering committing to the use of a PWA to deliver an excellent User Experience as part of our open source Tymly platform, both in-the-field and back office. This strategy also brings the added benefit of reduced software development overheads.


  • Are PWAs deemed secure enough for Public Sector data collection needs?
  • What are the limits of the type of data deemed “appropriate” to access/store via a PWA?
  • Are native Local Storage sandbox technologies adequate for Public Sector data collection?

We are looking to collaborate with any Public Sector organisation interested in establishing a PWA knowledge-base of relevant best practices, security considerations, lessons learned, forums etc.

  • Digital and agile awareness
  • Introduction to user research
  • Introduction to digital business analysis
  • Agile for teams

Other training requests

Any relevant training re. PWAs.