Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Not shortlisted

Outcome based health and care services are nationally accepted as an aspiration and highly encouraged in the Care Act legislation and guidance.  They offer benefits to the range of stakeholders:

  • Service users and their families- Helping people to live at home
  • Care Workers  – higher job satisfaction
  • Commissioners – Relieving stressed council budgets
  • Providers – a more economically sustainable model


Our recent work shows a powerful business case based on reducing demand.  For example, in one County we have calculated that simply improving the independence of a “maintenance” group of service users could save over £2 million per annum in home care costs.


However, realisation involves a major shift in the way all practitioners and stakeholders work.


This Discovery will:


  1. Providing a foundation for an outcome based operating model
  2. Provide clear evidence of improved independence and well being
  3. Identify the training and culture change requirements
  4. Identify the cohort of users and change agents who can support transformation
  5. Demonstrate reductions in care costs and an effective payment mechanism
  6. Use of modern technology to support and enable the transformation
  7. Publish the findings  regarding technology and processes, usable by every other local authority
  • Introduction to service design