Surrey County Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Invited to apply

Local authorities are facing increasing demand, rising cost and reductions in government funding, making budgets unsustainable over the coming years. This, together with resident’s elevated expectations on their interactions with the council, means the need for faster, quicker and better public services, available through online channels, has never been greater. By removing routine enquiries which could contribute up to 25% workload to contact centres, staff will have greater capacity to deal with more complex, emotive or specialist enquiries where value can be added and staffing levels could potentially be reduced in the longer term.
AI and chatbots offer local authorities with an unprecedented opportunity to both improve citizen experience and make savings.
We want to
• Create a chatbot framework that utilises AI capabilities using pre-built AI services and that other local authorities could easily adopt.
• This framework aims to reuse and easily answer routine questions coming to call centre
• Framework will be cloud-based, utilise IPSV for cross-authority relevance and has ability to integrate with existing A-Zs and FAQs for common citizen requests and can be adapted to demand such as seasonal variations.

  • Introduction to user research
  • Introduction to service design
  • Introduction to product management

Other training requests

We presume that to deliver the Discovery phase we will require the following skills: • Business Analysis • Service Design • Project Delivery / Agile • User research We have some internal resources for the project - a project manager and one full time BA. However, as the project team is being put together right now, we would benefit from the following training : • Design thinking course for the team • An advanced course of AI and chatbots