Sheffield City Council

Outcome of Expression of Interest: Invited to apply

Sheffield City Council is exploring how assistive technology can support the following preventative projects.

Assistive Technology Retender

The retender of the contract is an opportunity to harness the use of new technology to help people remain independent, safe and well.

Disabled Facilities Grant

We want to explore how the disabled facilities grant can be used more flexibly to support the use of assistive technology, enabling people to live independently in their own homes for longer and support the need for faster discharge of people from hospital.

Assistive Technology in Learning Disabilities Supported Living

We are exploring how the use of assistive technology in supported living could lead to a reduction in the need for physical night time provision and provide evidence to commission assistive technology for future services.


Whilst these projects are being developed across Sheffield City Council, they are not yet coordinated with similar work being undertaken by other local authorities.

Doncaster Council are keen to work with Sheffield City Council on a discovery project to better understand how a unified approach across both local authorities could drive a focus on the use of assistive technology to support prevention in all areas.

  • Digital and agile awareness